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    Due to hour cuts at work I have to take the pain and sell this beautiful beast of a knife. I've got a Battle Dragon with a black pain edge blade and red silver veined handle, serial #193. It is in very good condition, would be mint without some small blemishes on it (look at the pictures). This does come with the blue mesh still, I would have made a display box but I ran out of time.

    Here is the deal:
    $200 gets this shipped to your door.
    I am willing to accept a partial trade. I do need a new user knife, but I do still need cash. I'd say don't go over $100 in trade value in what you offer. I am also into airsoft, so I would accept something in that area as well.

    So to recap, I would like $200 cash (Paypal) or $100 and a knife or airsoft items (of $100 value).

    PM me with any offers,
    Thank you.

    Here are the pictures, I wanted to have some more detailed shots but the camera was not cooperating.

    Here are two blemishes that I believe are flaws, not damage of any kind.

    This mark/dent baffles me. This cannot happen with the knife assembled. So either a previous owner took it apart and something happened, or it happened in the manufacturing of the knife. Also, you see a few more spots like in the picture above.

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    check your PM.....

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    Payment sent!!!

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