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    Things been slow here so I figure I try to sell my exact reproduction of a 1400 century german Frail mail to exact specs of one found in a German castle.its big You have to be twisted to buy it like myself but its a great piece but need to move on.Also made for the most part the same way .10 spikes around a 3 inch metal ball attached to a 28 inch chain to attach to an 20 inch handle ,The monster weighs in at 5.6 pounds ,Shipping will not be cheap here,,LOL . THIS IS NO TOY . This is Very real . I've had it for 10 /15 years .Order it, paid around 300.00 and some change ,willing to take 300.00 and eat shipping and any other fees that may ac cure in this transaction . Also willing to trade for a Dalton OTF mill.or some type of Dalton toy anyway heres some pictures
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    Extremely devilish and the visual I get of it being swung in a battle back then ..Its incredible really !! Im in awe. someone buy this thing!!


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    I'll do 260.00 for the old ball and chain .

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    Gave away

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