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    Thumbs up 5th Best President

    A Texas A&M study calls Obama the 5th best President in American history, a good piece of research by a fine institution. From a total of 44 U S Presidents, Obama has been rated as the 5th best. The Public Relations Office at A&M released the following statement, "After almost 8 years in office, American academics have rated President Obama the 5th best President in American history."

    These are the results, according to Texas A&M:

    1. Washington, Lincoln, and Reagan tied for first place.
    2. Sixteen Presidents tied for second place.
    3. Twenty-three other Presidents tied for third place.
    4. Jimmy Carter came in fourth, and.....
    5. Obama was fifth.

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    ...I've got OBAMA #1 on the list!

    ...As the WORST!
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