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    have computer deigned knuckles designed not to break your hands bought them about 8-10 years ago don't remember who made them but did cost 150.00 to 200.00 if I remember right,If I'm out of line SLAP ME also would trade for fixed or manunal Dalton Blade,but I do need the cash for another Toy. I will be asking 200.00 shipped in US of A paypal or USMO will be find.Pictures below
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    OK 100.00 nowfor the custom knuckles and still have a Dalton companion NOW 225.00 and arc angle for 259.00 < threat here for pictures .

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    PM sent re Arc Angel. Thank you.

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    W/ take the Arc Angel, Sir. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charleslee View Post
    W/ take the Arc Angel, Sir. Thanks.
    Arc Gone ,

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    Let's close this sucker down will stat a new thread later let's get other a chance to sell FYI Have Border Patrol on Blade Forum if interested take 50.00 off

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