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Thread: For Sale/Trade Rules

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    Default For Sale/Trade Rules

    This is a private, members-only forum for buying, selling and trading goods with other members. Dalton takes no responsibility for ANY transactions! It is also YOUR responsibility to make sure that anything YOU post for sale or trade is legal in all aspects.

    1) This forum is for individuals and dealers, who want to sell or trade knives. If you are a knife dealer or individual, post your Knife sales in the appropriate Section. If you are a dealer please notify a Mod so your status can reflect same.

    2) All knives posted for sale MUST INCLUDE A PRICE, description of condition, and preferably a picture of actual knife.
    • State whether or not shipping is included.
    • State what payment methods are acceptable, and any applicable fees
    • THIS is not an auction site (no links to auction sites please)

    3) All knives posted for trade MUST INCLUDE AN EXAMPLE or a VALUE of what you are looking to trade for.

    4) No price haggling on the forum. Alternative offers may only be made through private messages or email.

    5) Please don't comment negatively regarding posted items or Hijack someone else's thread. Let the seller and buyer transact business without interference. Please use the same courtesy in someone else's thread as you would want used in yours.

    6) This forum is for buying, selling and trading Knives only.

    7) Please do not BTTT (Back To The Top) more than once every 24 hours.

    8) Your e-mail address must be shown in your profile or included in your post.

    9) Please reply promptly to your thread and state when the item has been sold or traded.

    10) When selling multiple knives, one thread will suffice. Multiple single threads can be merged by Mod's without notice.

    11) Dalton Forums does not endorse forgeries, and will not condone knock-offs. Any for sale/trade threads with items deemed as clones will be removed.

    12) Before you sell or buy a knife on this forum, please make an introduction post. Let your fellow forum members know where you have been, other forums, ebay etc.
    Also, please make sure your profile includes your email address.

    13) Your post may be deleted without warning if you don't follow these basic rules.

    All trades and sales are the responsabilities of the individuals involved. Dalton can not be held accountable for the actions of members, although we will strive to mitigate disputes.

    If anyone is found to be a liar/thief/or scammer onboard Dalton, his/her membership will be revoked, and he/she will be BANNED! It is YOUR responsibility to ensure the legitimacy of YOUR transactions.

    Any suggestions or problems can be forwarded to a Forum moderator.

    Thank you for your cooperation,

    DFC Mod Team
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